Partner Success is our Business

Magtogo values partner relationships and offers opportunities to bring our technology strength to you and your clients in ways that work for you. Magtogo is focused on the technology of each mobile platform and bringing industry-leading features to your clients.

After deploying more than 500 mobile applications, Magtogo has a successful record of delivering apps that enhance events and associations, small and large. With features to support the client’s goals, our apps have created new revenue sources, reduced waste and costs, and most importantly, increased the participation and interaction of attendees and members. Magtogo’s Touchpoint platform is scalable and fully customizable for our partners. Whether you’ve got an alumni weekend for 100, a tradeshow of 20,000, or are trying to figure out how to maximize readership of your annual publication, our platform is at your disposal.

Reseller Partner

Joining our reseller program provides partners a great new arrow in their quiver. As a reselling partner, you have access to our operations and support teams, training and education on the platform, applications, and process, as well as marketing content (website, brochures, etc).

Technology Partner

The Touchpoint platform integrates with technology and content providers to create a seamless experience between other back end systems and our mobile apps. With an integrated partner, clients don't have to do any more work to create their mobile experience!

Referral Partner

Our Referral Program gives partners the ability to act as an 'expert' with their clients, without having the overhead of managing the mobile app. Partners can be advisors to their clients and Magtogo is happy to collaborate with any referral partner to propose innovate applications that accomplish client goals.