Lead Retrieval. Re-Imagined

Streamline your sales process, right from the show floor.

Show off your event with the most flexible and data-driven app platform available and simultaneously provide above-and-beyond ROI.

Saving an attendee's contact information can sometimes be cumbersome

Often requiring a handheld scanner, collecting leads is a draining process. Now, exhibitors and attendees alike can network. And entering information into Magtogo's system is simple and can be tailored to your needs: exhibitors can scan attendee badges, find the nearest attendee via geolocation, or attendees can choose to send information directly to exhibitors.

The Right Solution for your Event

Geolocation Across The Board




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Customized Exhibitor Interactions

How exhibitors realize ROI right from the show floor.

Disseminate Collateral

After meeting with an attendee, exhibitors can send product marketing materials and information directly to prospects

Propose Meetings

Not finished with the conversation? Propose a meeting while still on-site

Send Contact Information

With lead retrieval or session tracking, you can use your smartphone to scan

Qualify Buyers

Ask qualifying questions tailored to exhibitor needs and receive live reports. Data can be merged back to CRM systems

Alert Nearby Attendees

Find out when certain attendees are nearby!

Follow Up Right Away

Do you want to standardize your follows up with leads? Set a follow up message to cater to each situation or let your team customize on the fly