Best-in-class Event Technology Platform

With Magtogo, launching an interactive event has never been easier and more rewarding. Combine event apps, lead retrieval, session tracking, and audience response into one 'killer-app' package.

Show off your event with the most flexible and data-driven app platform available and simultaneously provide above-and-beyond ROI.

Event Apps for Every Shape and Size

Engaging Features Today, ROI tomorrow

  • Calendar Integration
  • Interactive Maps
  • Analytics and Usage Reporting
  • Meeting Matcher
  • Social Networking
  • Authentication
  • Add Contacts to Address Book
  • Personal Messaging
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Surveys and Evaluations
  • Content Search
  • Ratings
  • Favorites
  • Alphabet Search
  • Native iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone support
  • HTML 5 support
  • Live Audience Response Polling

Lead Retrieval and Session Tracking

Technology for your Speakers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors

Badge scanning and Data Input

Export data to an exhibitor's CRM or your Event Management System

Set Reminders, follow-ups, and answer qualifying questions

With lead retrieval or session tracking, you can use your smartphone to scan badges to gather leads and show-floor information or award credits and room auditing information. Say goodbye to spending time and money on clunky badge scanners. Everything now fits within your pocket!

All lead and scanning information is cached within the app and available for export back to an exhibitor's CRM. This information is also automatically synced with your event management system. Never waste time on manual data entry again.

Once a user is scanned, follow up meetings can be scheduled and qualifying questions answered. Take notes so you don't forget the important stuff!